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The Amazing Robotic Arm-Assisted Knee Resurfacing Procedure

This blog will talk about one of the most advanced knee replacement procedures that will take care of your knee pain once and for all.

Aching knees can literally stop a person in their tracks, and Rama E. Chandran, MD and Shaun E. Chandran, MD are no strangers to seeing patients who’ve experienced life’s wear and tear. Our practice features two orthopedic specialists giving us the unique ability to focus on knee care for Hawthorne, Torrance and San Pedro communities. We commit ourselves every day to getting you back to active!

The Future of Knee Replacement is Here

In this day and age there are more and more advancements in knee replacement techniques, but also the instrumentation used for such techniques. Over the years the field of orthopaedic surgery has undergone countless improvements.

MAKO Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology is one such example and it stands to transform the way we conduct joint replacement surgeries for the better.

We utilize MAKOplasty, a total knee resurfacing procedure that is designed to relieve the pain
caused by wear and tear, as well as joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis.

Our own Dr. Shaun utilizes this cutting-edge technology which is equipped with computer navigation for enhanced patient care. The procedure combines robotic precision with the human ability to make new judgements and adaptations.

How We Maintain the Human Element in Our Cutting-Edge Procedures

When our patients hear about our MAKOplasty Total Knee Replacement procedure, sometimes their ears perk up. They’re very hesitant to leave the job up to a machine. We always make sure to first illustrate the fact that MAKOplasty is ‘robotic-arm assisted technology.’ Surgery is still performed by a skilled surgeon. We use the Mako System software in order to pre-plan the patient’s surgery.

In short, your orthopaedic surgeon expertly guides the Mako robotic-arm, in the process removing diseased bone and superfluous cartilage. We then insert a Triathlon Total Knee implant.

Steps of Total Knee Replacement

Before Surgery We’ll:

During Surgery We’ll:

After the procedure our surgeons and support team will guide you through each and every stage of your recovery. From pre-education to rehabilitation, we are 100% by your side.

Rama E. Chandran, MD and Shaun E. Chandran, MD are committed to doing the diligent work that gets our patients back on the move. If you have any additional questions about our MAKOplasty total knee resurfacing procedure, please contact us today to find out more.

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