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Total Hip Replacement Specialist

Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery

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Medical experts rank total hip replacement as one of the most effective and successful forms of surgery today. More than 450,000 people have hip replacement surgery annually, with up to 95% of patients experiencing long-lasting pain relief even a decade after their surgery. At Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery, the team of experts headed by orthopaedic specialist Shaun Chandran, MD, offers a minimally invasive surgical option: anterior hip replacement. Call the Torrance, California, office or click the online link to book your appointment now.

Total Hip Replacement Q&A

What is total hip replacement?

Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure to remove the ends of your arthritic bones, including worn-out cartilage, and replace them with implants that function as a new hip joint. 

The hip implant includes:

  • Femoral head: The ball part of your femur
  • Femoral stem: Hip stem, fits into the femoral head
  • Socket: Contains the femoral head
  • Liner: Fits inside the socket

The Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery team uses an advanced type of hip implants with alumina ceramic bearing surfaces (the ball and socket). Alumina ceramic is more durable and may last much longer than metal and plastic, the materials traditionally used for hip joint replacements. 

When might I need a total hip replacement?

If you've tried anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, weight loss, and other nonsurgical methods to control joint pain, but you're still suffering, you could be a candidate for surgery. To qualify for total hip replacement, you must fit into one or more of the following categories. 

  • Late-stage arthritis, causing disabling pain
  • Less invasive reconstructive procedures aren't likely to relieve your pain
  • Too little bone, or your bone is too weak, for other reconstructive surgery 

Of course, you also need to be in good enough health to undergo a surgical procedure to qualify for a total hip replacement. 

How does total hip replacement work?

At Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery, the experienced specialists always use the least disruptive surgical approach possible, which is why they perform anterior hip replacement whenever possible. The surgeons use the state-of-the-art Mako™ robotic surgery system to place your hip implants with ultimate precision.

With anterior hip replacement, your surgeon creates an incision in front of your hip, while traditional hip replacements approach from the side or back of your body. The anterior approach allows your surgeon to move your muscles aside rather than cutting them, which is necessary during a traditional approach. 

The anterior approach leads to far less tissue damage. As a result, most people have considerably less pain with anterior hip replacement, and on average they’re back to walking unassisted up to a week sooner than people who have traditional hip replacement. 

What can I expect during total hip replacement recovery?

After your procedure, you usually spend a few days in the hospital. Usually, you start physical therapy almost immediately after surgery. The Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery team goes the extra mile to help you have a smooth recovery, but it’s a team venture.

Follow the team’s instructions closely, and stick with your exercise program faithfully to rebuild your range-of-motion and strength. Many people get back to most light activities in only 3-6 weeks after their total hip replacement. 

If you’re interested in a hip replacement to find freedom from arthritis pain, call the Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery office nearest you or click the online booking link now.