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Total Knee Replacement Specialist

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Experts widely regard total knee replacement as one of the most effective and successful types of surgery today. Since the first total knee replacement more than 50 years ago, technology has continually evolved, leading to the latest state-of-the-art robotic surgery procedures now available at Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery. Expert orthopaedic surgeon Shaun Chandran, MD, is ready to help in the Torrance, California, office. Book an appointment through online scheduling or phone the office now.

Total Knee Replacement Q&A

What is total knee replacement?

Total knee replacement is a procedure to replace all of the compartments in your knee joint using prosthetic metal, ceramic, or plastic parts. This knee surgery can relieve chronic knee pain and restore full joint function. 

Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery surgeons use minimally invasive methods, such as Mako™ robot-assisted knee replacement, whenever possible. They use implants customized for your unique anatomy to give you the best possible results from your knee replacement.

When might I need total knee replacement?

If chronic knee pain forces you off your feet more often than not, knee replacement could be the right treatment for you. But knee replacement isn't right for everyone. 

In some cases, nonsurgical methods like physical therapy and medication can delay the need for knee replacement. It’s also possible that another approach to knee surgery, such as arthroscopic surgery, may relieve your symptoms. The specialists at Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery can discuss all of your treatment options with you. 

How does total knee replacement work?

During total knee replacement, your surgeon removes the worn-down ends of your knee bones and replaces them with prosthetic surfaces. In a total knee replacement, your surgeon restores all three knee compartments, while a partial knee replacement restores one or two.

Whenever possible, Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery uses the cutting-edge Mako system for minimally invasive robot-assisted knee replacements. For robotic knee surgery, your surgeon uses a CT knee scan in 3D to plot your procedure ahead of time. 

During the surgery, your surgeon controls the Mako robotic arm. The robotic arm improves upon human hands both by its superior stability and the ability to rotate 360 degrees, but it doesn't make any movement without the surgeon's direction. 

The Mako system also confines movements to the surgical plan, which your doctor designs ahead of time. This helps your surgeon to remove only the bone and tissue that's absolutely necessary while also placing your knee implants in the best possible way.

Robotic surgery allows for reduced bleeding, quicker recovery, less pain, less limb length discrepancy, and better fitting implants, so it’s the preferred method for most knee replacements. 

What happens after my total knee replacement surgery?

You start walking with assistance very soon after your total knee replacement surgery, often that very day. The typical timeline includes using a walker for six weeks, and then six weeks with a cane. 

The Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery specialists are with you every step of the way. They guide your recovery and recommend the right time to resume driving, exercise, and your other usual activities.

Call the specialists at Chandran Orthopaedic Surgery or click on the scheduling link to arrange your total knee replacement consultation now.