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What is my weight bearing status?

I recommend that patients remain non-weight-bearing for 6 weeks after surgery?

Why I am non-weight-bearing?

Since I use a bone-patellar tendon-bone (BTB) graft, I wait 6 weeks for the bone of the graft to incorporate into the femur and tibia respectively. If you weight bear prior to graft incorporation, The BTB graft could loosen and compromise the integrity of the surgery.

How do I care for the wound?

I recommend keeping the dressings on till the first postoperative appointment two weeks after surgery. If the dressing must come off, the wound site can be cleaned with Betadine and a dry dressing can be applied. If the dressing is changed prior to the first postoperative appointment, I would recommend changing the dressing every day. I recommend keeping the wound dry and must be kept dry while showering.

Can I bend my knee?

I encourage range of motion exercises and bending of the knee after surgery. It is important to prevent the knee from becoming stiff.

When can I start physical therapy?

You can start physical therapy immediately, but you will be no weight bearing for the first 6 weeks.

When do I have to wear my knee brace?

I recommend wearing an ACL brace when out of bed for the first 6 months after surgery. After the first 6 months, then I would recommend wearing ACL brace while engaging in rigorous sports, such as basketball and skiing.

How can I tell if I have an infection?

If you have fever, chills, and purulent drainage from the wound, please contact my office at 310-644-1151. You may need to go to the emergency room.


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